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Black Orchard Hide is designed as a comfortable place to take stunning photos of the many birds we have here are Berllan Dywyll.  Sue Dudley, is a very experienced wildlife photographer who holds a Master Craftsman in wildlife photography from The Guild of Professional Photographers (the equivalent of a Fellowship in other professional bodies), and has won

numerous awards.  The hide is north facing to make the best use of the light, and at the intersection of woodland, meadow and scrub to attract as wide a range of species as possible.  There is a selection of natural and rustic perches and different feeders to attract a variety of birds, including regular visits by both jays and great spotted woodpeckers.  The feeders are set up to facilitate in flight shots, and the hide is designed so photographers can sit or, if they prefer, stand to make panning easier for in flight shots.   There is a background of distant vegetation which changes throughout the year and produces a beautiful bokeh, and we have recently added a reflection pool.


Available to book by the day or half day

Tea and coffee provided (bring your own mug)

Toilet facilities a short walk away

Tuition available

Canon 500mm f/4 lens, Canon 7D2 and Canon 1DX2 available for hire

Includes access to wildflower meadow

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Frequently Asked Questions

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"The hide location has been carefully considered, the rotation, aspect and siting, also the perch positions are flexible, and the hedgerow and trees behind give a silky smooth background, all in all its a winner for me."

"We had a very productive visit and were astonished at how much bird life has already begun to regularly visit. The GSWs were in almost constant attendance once we had settled in. The hide is well located for both light and background, and offers both comfort and useful shelf space. “I’ll be back” "

Other Photographic Opportunities


Black Orchard isn't just about the hide.  During the summer months, photographers booking the hide will also have free access to our beautiful rare lowland Rhos pasture wildflower meadow, full of orchids and other flowers, plus butterflies and insects, ideal for macro and landscape photography.  The meadows can also be booked as a stand-alone photographic venue, ideal for either the flower/macro enthusiast, or for those wanting a beautiful setting to photograph models. It is booked by the hour, with rates starting at £10 for private individuals; please contact us to discuss commercial shoots. 

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