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£50 half day (0830 - 1330 / 1330 - dusk). (Deposit £15)

£80 full day (0830 - dusk) (Deposit £25)


Booked as pair

£80 half day (Deposit £25)

£120 day (Deposit £40)


  • The hide is built to accommodate either one or two photographers, plus an instructor if required.  

  • Toilets are available in the house adjacent to the car park, a five minute walk from the hide.

  • The hide is designed to minimise our impact and encourage natural behaviour; the birds are not reliant on the feed we provide so are truly wild. This being so, the behaviour and visiting of the birds cannot be guaranteed.


  • Briefing on arrival from a professional photographer.

  • Flexible departure times for your session - just let us know when you leave.

  • Hot water, tea, coffee, milk and sugar are complimentary, but please bring your own mug, spoon and snacks.

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the site.

  • Please be aware that there may be cattle and or horses grazing en route to the hide.


What's Included

  • Exclusive access to the hide during the period booked.

  • A variety of perches which can be changed at will (bear in mind that you will disturb the birds every time you change a perch).

  • Bird food to top up the feeders.

  • Tea, coffee, hot water, milk and sugar are provided but please bring some lunch / snacks / cold drinks with you.

  • An expert briefing on arrival.

  • Car parking on-site, five minute’s walk from the hide.

  • Toilet facilities five minutes from the hide.

  • During the summer months, access to our rare lowland rhos pasture, full of wild flowers and butterflies. Please stay on the paths and be careful not to damage the flowers.

What to bring


  • Lenses with a focal length of 400 - 600 mm (300 - 500 mm on a crop body).  You might want to bring two prime lenses / a zoom, to accommodate both the small birds and the very much larger jays.  

  • Fully charged batteries and plenty of memory.

  • A beanbag, or we can provide one if required - just ask.



  • Warm, dark clothing - it can be surprisingly cold sitting in a hide, and dark clothing will make you less visible.

  • The hide is on a working farm and is a five minute walk across rhos pasture, which tends to be wet. The ground can be uneven, soft and muddy, so please wear appropriate footwear - wellies are ideal other than in the heights of summer when walking boots would suffice.



  • These are wild birds, and at times there might be slow periods. During these you can enjoy the view, listen to music or podcasts on earphones, or take advantage of the 4G signal.


Would you like an introduction to wildlife photography by an experienced, highly qualified, award winning photographer?

Are you not sure of the best setting to use?

Are your bird photos soft?

Do you struggle to get the correct exposure?


If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then let Sue join you in the hide and talk you through the best settings and techniques to use. She will stay with you for the morning, guiding you through taking beautiful bird photos and answering any questions you might have, then in the afternoon you will have the chance to put what you have learned into practice. Sue will drop in during the afternoon to check on your progress and answer any questions which have arisen.


£150 for one, £200 for two including hire of the hide

Equipment hire

To make the most of your day in the hide, why not hire some professional equipment?  You will be given a full briefing on how to use the kit if you are not familiar with it.  We currently offer the following Canon equipment for half day/full day.

Canon 500mm f/4: £25 / £50

Canon 7D2: £20 / £40

Canon 1DX2: £40 / £80

Please bring your own memory cards for the cameras - SD or CF for the 7D2 / SD or CFast for the 1DX2

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