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Hens scartching in grass.

We are very proud of our beautiful animals here at Berllan.  We have a small flock of hens of various types who give us the most wonderful prize-winning eggs in a variety of colours, very rare Large Black pigs and two horses, one of whom is learning to work on the farm.

A Large Black boar lies down facing the camera

Large Blacks are the UK's only totally black breed of pig and are classed as "Priority" by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.  With under 200 registered breeding sows they are rarer than giant pandas, and we are doing our little bit to help them survive.  They have large paddocks and snug housing, plus a large double stable with attached yard for farrowing.  They are docile despite their large size, and Arianrhod, Blodeuwedd, Cerridwen and Bran the boar are very friendly and love a good back scratch!

All of our animals are given as much freedom to express their natural behaviours as possible.  The pigs have paddocks with grass and wallows to enjoy; the hens have a large pen, are let out to free range around the farm, and have a cockerel to encourage natural flock dynamics.  We are very conscious of the environmental impact of animal feed, so only use that made from British ingredients, sourced as locally as possible, and with no imported soya bean or GM products whatsoever.  

More information on our pigs can be found at Black Orchard Large Blacks, and on our chickens at Our Chickens.

A man lies in a grassy pasture playing with two black pigs
A Large Black sow grazes in the sun in a very large grassy field.
A young chick perches on a box of eggs
A glossy black and brown hen in long grass in the sun
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