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Slow roast shoulder of Black Orchard Large Black

Very high welfare, ethically reared, free-range, pedigree, rare breed pork; just contact us here to place an order. 

For what makes our pork so special, see our Black Orchard Large Blacks page.

Feedback for Black Orchard Large Black pork: 

“Like pork used to taste”, “So succulent!”, “Real depth of flavour”, “The best crackling I’ve ever tasted!”, "Your sausages are amazing!" 

“Really the best shoulder I’ve ever had. Fell to pieces. Amazing crackling”,

"The chops are so meaty; really different”, “Absolutely delicious!”, “Completely different to supermarket pork”, "We are delighted by the taste and quality... thanks again for providing an excellent, delicious product", "Truly the best piece of meat I have ever eaten".

Orders now being taken for half pigs and pork boxes available July 2022

Half Pigs £190, deposit £40

Butchered to your requirements including sausages

10kg Pork Pick 'n' Mix Boxes £85, deposit £20

Our Pick 'n' Mix Box contains joints, chops, belly and sausages.  If you have any particular preference let us know and we will accommodate you as far as we can, such as including trotters or offal etc

5kg Pork Selection Boxes £45, deposit £10

Our Selection Box contains a taste of everything - a joint, chops, belly strips and sausages.


Black Orchard Pork Selection Box

Overnight nationwide delivery available - 

£17.50 for Selection and Pick 'n' Mix Boxes; at cost dependent on exact weight for Half Pigs

Collection from Berllan Dywyll Farm near Bancffosfelen, Carmarthenshire, free local delivery or overnight by noon nationwide delivery by courier at £17.50 for any box, or at cost dependent on weight for half pigs (normally around £20), all vacuum packed.  Fresh on the day received from the butcher, otherwise frozen.

Delivery and Packing Details

We use the excellent local company, Celtic Couriers, part of the APC chain, to deliver before noon the next day.  Orders are dispatched on the Tuesday following collection from the butcher.

The pork is packed into polystyrene boxes which easily keep it frozen for over 24 hours.  The boxes are supplied by a local shop who receive deliveries in them, and are checked and cleaned before being used by Black Orchard.  Without us re-using them they would be sent straight to landfill and are therefore the most ecologically sound packaging we could find.  Once your delicious pork has been removed from them, the boxes can be used for keeping food hot or cold, or even, with the addition of a couple of holes, growing tomatoes or other plants.