Here are Berllan we want to share our healthy, natural produce, and we are thrilled to have been granted certification by the Wholesome Food Association.

Free range, pedigree, rare breed pork is available by the half pig, tasting box, and sausages and joints from the freezer - more details here.

Beautiful, colored, free range eggs can be purchased from the farm for £1.50 per half dozen.  Find out more about our chickens here.

Our meadows produce wildflower haylage, late cut, which not only allows the wildflowers time to seed, but also reduces the richness of the haylage produced, making it ideal for native ponies and "good do-ers" who can be made ill by rich forage.  We use no chemicals or fertilisers, so the haylage is entirely natural.  We often have large round bales for sale at £25 each - please contact us for more information.