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Berllan Dywyll Farm



SA17 5LL

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TEL: 01269 608175

E-MAIL: info@black-orchard.co.uk

Please note:  There is varying mobile reception and we are often out and about on the farm, so please either email or leave a message on the landline and we will get back to you.

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Berllan Dywyll is blessed with stunningly beautiful, species-rich wild flower meadows which are a riot of colour in the early summer and loud with the buzz of insects.  When we arrived we had no idea of the state of the meadows, so to find yellow rattle (an indicator species for old wild flower meadows) was a real thrill.  We manage the meadows to enhance the wildflowers, ensuring that the hay is cut after all the flowers have seeded.  We avoid chemicals whenever possible, add no fertiliser of any sort, and have laboriously weeded our 11 acre hay meadow by hand to rid it of ragwort and dock.

As well as orchids, yellow rattle, ragged robin, eyebright, self-heal, centaury, fleabane, sneezewort, devils bit scabious, cuckoo flower, knapweed and many other typical Carmarthenshire meadow flowers, we also have the rather rare and beautiful whorled caraway, the county flower of Carmarthenshire.