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Have you always wanted to raise your own meat but don’t have the land?


Do you want to know exactly where your food comes from?


Do you want your pork to come from happy, healthy, rare breed, free range pigs?

Choose a piglet, name him or her if you wish, visit and help with the care, receive regular reports and, when the time comes, have the finished pig butchered to your requirements and take home the delicious pork.

Know exactly how your pig lived and died.

Teach children the cycle of life and death,

Learn about pigs and how they are cared for.

Help preserve a very rare breed.


All our rare breed Large Black pigs are fed soy-free food plus local barley and our own wildflower meadow haylage.  They are housed in arks made of recycled plastic, and their needs are supplied by local, independent shops as far as possible.  We use a small, local, on-farm abattoir where the pigs are treated with care and respect. 

£400, or share with a friend for £200

Our next available litter is due October 2023

We will retain ownership of the pig for legal reasons, and your pig will be will cared for and fed alongside our other pigs.  You are free to visit as you wish (let us know when you are coming), spend time with him or her, help with the regular care, feeding etc.  When the time comes we will help you put together a cutting list and will take the pig to the abattoir, then you can either collect the meat directly from the abattoir, or from Berllan.

If adopting with a friend, please visit together.


Please contact us here for further information

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