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A fine cockerel stands guard over his hens
Two open egg boxes full of eggs ranging in colour from chocolate brown to white, through pink, blue and green

As well as our Large Black pigs, we have a flock of 8 laying hens here at Berllan, who provide us with the most wonderful and beautifully coloured free-range eggs.  Overseeing the flock and keeping them safe is Gerald, our cream legbar cockerel (a cockerel is under one year old, and a cock over).  Although hens will happily lay without a cock present, having one allows the flock to develop a much more natural dynamic as no hen is forced to take the position of "top bird".  Since Gerald arrived our birds have been much more settled and the one that used to be a bit of a bully is a reformed character.

Sadly we lost some birds to foxes when they were free-ranging during the day, so they now have a large, secure pen and come out to free-range under supervision when avian influenza housing orders aren't in force.  When housed they live in a large, airy barn with lots of stimulation.  They love looking for worms on the muck-heap and having dust baths in the haybarn, not to mention scrounging corn off us.  All our hens are named and have very individual characters, from Lucy the leghorn cross who will happily sit anywhere for corn, including on my head, to Bambi the amber who loves fuss, and Mara the legbar cross, the reformed bully, whose mission in life is to get into the conservatory.  Two of the hens were bred ourselves to lay blue and green eggs.

Our surplus eggs are available to buy at the farm for £1.50 per half dozen - just let us know you are coming so we will be here.

A grey Bluebell hen with a darker bird in the background in grass
Three black and brown hens in a large grassy field
A chick is curled up within an egg with just a small part of the shell missing. It is part-way through hatching
A smiling woman with a hen on her shoulder.  The hen has a rather comical cap of feathers
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