In April 2020 we took on Jack from KC Horse Rescue in Herefordshire.  A 25 year old hunter type, he was very underweight when he arrived - the rescue was short of space so he came straight here after his check-ups.  He had come from a riding school which lost its licence; he was kept out over the winter with 25 other horses with no rugs or hard feed and only one bale of hay between them.  We are very proud to be doing our bit to help KC and their wonderful horses. 

Jack is now up to full weight and, now semi-retired, will soon be doing a little driving which he has done in the past and seems to very much enjoy.  He has been signed over to us and will be here for life.  

In February 2021 Tribute (Trib), a 17.1 Shire x Welsh Section D joined the team.  As well as being a riding horse, is broken to harness and is just stating to help us around the farm.


Jack the day he arrived.

Jack two months after arriving at Berllan.


Jack and Trib enjoy hacking out together


Tribute is being trained to work on the farm...


He is also being transitioned to Western riding

He is a real character!


...and is picking it up very quickly