In April 2020 we took on two foster horses from KC Horse Rescue in Herefordshire.  Both rescue cases, Ted, a 25 year old family pony, was rescued a few months ago and is now in good condition.  Jack, a 24 year old hunter type however, was very underweight when he arrived - the rescue was short of space so he came straight here after his check-ups.  The two horses only met the day before coming to Berllan, but are now the very best of friends and hate to be separated.  Jack came from a riding school which lost its licence; he was kept out over the winter with 25 other horses with no rugs or hard feed and only one bale of hay between them.  We are very proud to be doing our bit to help KC and these wonderful horses, and to be giving them a loving home for the rest of their lives.  

Jack is now up to full weight and enjoying some gentle riding around the farm.

Jack the day he arrived.

Jack two months after arriving at Berllan.

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