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In April 2020 we took on Jack from KC Horse Rescue in Herefordshire.  A hunter type who is now 27, he was very underweight when he arrived - the rescue was short of space so he came straight here after his check-ups.  He had come from a riding school which lost its licence; he was kept out over the winter with 25 other horses with no rugs or hard feed and only one bale of hay between them.  We are very proud to be doing our bit to help KC and their wonderful horses. 

Jack is now up to full weight and, semi-retired, is doing a little driving which he has done in the past and seems to very much enjoy, and occasionally giving light-weight visitors a ride.  He has been signed over to us and will be here for life.  

We have recently purchased Uline du Pré Fleurie, a registered Comtois mare, who is being trained to work on the farm and is also being trained to Western riding.  The Comtois is a very old draught breed from France with very few in the UK as yet.  They are shorter than many draught horses but just as powerful.  Her full name being rather a mouthful, she is known as Ulla (Oola).

A vert thin horse, ribs clearly visible, grazes in a grassy field.

Jack the day he arrived.

A horse in good condition, plaited and wearing a show bridle, stands in a grassy field.

Jack two months after arriving at Berllan.

A horse pulls a two-wheeled cart carrying two women down a track.

Jack really enjoys driving, taking friends around the local lanes.

A view from a cart, showing the horse pulling it in his harness

It has given him a new lease of life.

Ulla, a registered Comtois mare recently joined us

A chestnut mare in a blue rug standsin the morning sun with a black and white cat on her back

She is very pretty.


And enjoys hacking out.


But her main job will be working on the farm, for which we are training her.

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