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An aerial view of the farmyard and outbuildings

We have so far found records of Berllan Dywyll Farm going back to the early 1700s, and the species in the hedgerows indicate an age of at least 700 years.  It has very varying habitats with traditional hay meadows full of orchids and other wild flowers, wetter rhôs pasture teeming with bees and butterflies, and Celtic rainforest running down to the Aber Lledle, a tributary of the Gwendraeth Fawr, which reaches the sea at Kidwelly.  


When we set out we were determined to have the most beneficial impact we could in the way  we ran the farm; we wanted every aspect of the farm to work harmoniously with every other.   Our animals roam as freely as is compatible with their safety.  We have also set out to support those rare breeds that are both in danger of dying out and that are naturally suited to the environment here.   

We took over the farm in early 2019, and it had been managed organically for at least eight years prior to that.  We strive to continue that legacy during our stewardship of the land.  Our eventual aim is to become as self-sufficient as possible, with happy, rare-breed and native stock and a garden run along permaculture principles.  We encourage biodiversity and wildlife, and to these ends are part of the Nature Friendly Farming Network "Uniting farmers who are passionate about wildlife and sustainable farming..."

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