We always intended to keep rare Large Black pigs once we were able, but never imagined quite how much fun they would be; they make us laugh every day and bring us so much pleasure.  We currently have two breeding sows which will hopefully soon go up to three, and we will also buy our own boar.  We are delighted to have got other pig enthusiasts in the area interested in the breed, and hope to set up a small community of Large Black breeders which will be a big help to one of the rarest British pig breeds.  We are also very proud to have had one of our home-bred boys, Blackorchard Majestic 11, selected by the Vice-Chairman of the breed society to be her new boar.

We breed and produce pork, details of which can be found on our Black Orchard Large Blacks page.

Our Address

Berllan Dywyll Farm



SA17 5LL

Contact Us

TEL: 01269 608175

E-MAIL: info@black-orchard.co.uk

Please note:  There is varying mobile reception and we are often out and about on the farm, so please either email or leave a message on the landline and we will get back to you.

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