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Berllan Dywyll Farm


Welcome to Berllan Dywyll (Dark or Black Orchard) Farm, home of Black Orchard Large Blacks, Black Orchard Wildflower Meadow Beef, Black Orchard Photography and Black Orchard Hide, all set in a little piece of paradise in the beautiful Carmarthenshire countryside.


Berllan Dywyll Farm is a small (27 acre) farm with views over the Gwendraeth Valley.  The farm has been brought back into agriculture whilst being sensitively and sustainably managed with chickens, rare breed pigs, Dexter cattle, ancient deciduous woodland and traditional wildflower hay meadows. We produce our own eggs and pork for sale as ethically as possible, with beef very soon.  Our water comes from our own borehole and well, and we use solar panels to reduce our carbon footprint.  To this end we also have a heavy horse who is being trained to work on the farm.  To find out more about our farm, please click here.


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  • Black Orchard Diary
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