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Words are powerful -  the right word can win a lover’s heart, or secure a contract:  a spelling mistake or misplaced phrase can undermine a whole business.  Consider the poor sales of a certain model of Vauxhall car in Spanish speaking countries: “No va” actually translates as “doesn’t go”!

Significant costs in product development and design, sales and marketing, can all be thrown away if customers are driven away by a carelessly chosen word or simple error.  


Words move us; words inspire us - are you making the most of yours?


What We Do

It can be difficult to see the wood from the trees when you are writing something: especially after a number of revisions.  In publishing and in the creation of important policy documents, proof reading is an essential step which is often omitted by giant corporations as well as small businesses.  


Does your website convey the meaning intended?  Is it clear?  Is the emphasis right?  Does it persuade the reader?  Does it grab his or her attention?

We don’t just do websites and advertising copy.  We also specialise in writing powerful letters that get results.  Whilst not a substitute for a qualified solicitor, we are very much less expensive, and often a clear statement of fact and intent from an individual is all that is needed.  A well crafted letter can stop a dispute in its tracks.  At worst, it demonstrates the reasonable attempt to reach agreement if it does become necessary to become involved in the costly and cumbersome legal process.  In many cases a ‘letter before action’ is a prerequisite before any proceedings can be brought.


We also research and prepare speeches of any length.

In fact the only thing we do not do is write material for submission toward any academic endeavour or literary prize.  We are here to make the most of your ideas: we won’t help you cheat!

Services and Rates
Whether you want a whole pamphlet or just a paragraph written for you, or you simply want an experienced proof-reader to cast an eye over what you have written, Wordsmithy can help.  Our rates are extremely competitive, and are fixed (by word count, length of speech etc) so you know at the outset what the service will cost - what you won’t know until you try us, is how much it could make you in the long run in increased business.

Prices start from as little as ten pounds for simple proofreading.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting in touch to see how we can help.


About Us
Stephen Dudley read History at Pembroke College Cambridge and served for 27 years in the Royal Navy serving all over the world, and spending nearly ten years in Whitehall.  There he was engaged in working on the Staff of the First Sea Lord and the Operations and Personnel Directorates, writing speeches, briefing ministers and drafting policies.


Sue Dudley read Zoology at Aberystwyth and served in the WRNS and Royal Navy for eight years before a successful second career in IT, sales and marketing.  She now works as an award winning freelance photographer.

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