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Our rather special beef is produced by our small herd of pedigree Dexter cattle, who are fed exclusively by our own wildflower meadows and haylage, plus other wildflower meadows when they are conservation grazing off site. They receive no supplementary feed whatsoever.


Dexter cattle are ideally suited to West Wales, coming originally from the West Coast of Ireland. Hardy and light on the land, they are superb conservation grazers who can utilise scrub and poor grasses which would be rejected by modern breeds.


Our cattle’s main job is to preserve the biodiversity of our rare lowland rhos pasture.  Rhos or rushy pasture is one of the most biodiverse habitats in the UK, but is easily lost to scrub or destroyed if not grazed, specifically by cattle, as sheep remove the wildflowers whereas cattle encourage them. When not looking after our rhos, the Dexters also work for Carmarthenshire Council’s Caeau Mynydd Mawr Marsh Fritillary Project, preserving the habitat of the very rare Marsh Fritillary Butterfly.

Being a small enterprise we know all our animals and can give them the individual attention which they deserve and enjoy.  We breed our own replacement cattle rather than buying in, so our steers spend their whole lives conservation grazing and our cows, Angharad, Erin and Hawthorn, are cherished members of the Berllan family.  The cattle take longer to mature so are butchered much later than other beef animals, giving them longer to enjoy the freedom of our wildflower meadows. When the days comes they go to a tiny, third generation on farm abattoir just 23 miles away where they are treated with care and respect.


The cuts from Dexters are smaller than from other breeds and therefore more versatile for the modern family and easier to cook. The meat has a unique "spider" marbling and tastes “as beef used to taste”, with lots of umami flavour; considered to be some of the most flavoursome beef available, it is used by top chefs such as Tommy Banks and Gordon Ramsay. It is also naturally more tender than other beef and has a higher percentage of *CLAs and Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, and you will probably feel full faster than with conventional beef.   

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*Conjugated Linoleic Acids - CLAs area naturally occurring fatty acids found in meat and dairy products. It is a popular dietary supplement that is sold with claims of helping people lose fat, maintain weight loss, retain lean muscle mass, and control type 2 diabetes, the type of diabetes that is often associated with obesity.

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