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Berllan Dywyll Farm



SA17 5LL

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TEL: 01269 608175

E-MAIL: info@black-orchard.co.uk

Please note:  There is varying mobile reception and we are often out and about on the farm, so please either email or leave a message on the landline and we will get back to you.

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Dry Leaf


At Berllan Dywyll we try our best to work in conjunction with Mother Earth, and still are thinking of ways to tread more lightly.

The water for the house and the Bothy come from our bore-hole and is filtered then treated with ultra-violet light to ensure it is safe to drink.  The water for the outbuildings and fields comes from a well in an adjacent field.  We have photo-voltaic panels on the house which provide all our power and contribute to the National Grid.  We aim to be as self-sufficient and green as possible - we grow/raise most of our own vegetables, meat and eggs along organic principles, and that which we can't produce on the farm we try to source as locally as possible.  Our own produce is available for sale on a seasonal basis.

The Bothy was hand-made in Wales using locally sourced wood and is insulated with sheep's wool.  The Bothy is powered using solar panels to provide lighting and charging for devices.  In the composting toilet the liquid waste soaks away into the ground, and the solids are composted and then used on our garden.  We ask that you use the provided eco-friendly toiletries and cleaners to protect the environment around the soak-away.

Why We Don't Have a Hot Tub

Many holiday venues now offer hot tubs and one would certainly increase our bookings and enable us to raise our prices, but we feel very strongly that a hot tub would be entirely contrary to our green ethos.  Plastic-lined ones require regular use of strong chemicals and an electricity supply.  Wooden hot tubs need the water changing every three to five hours to keep the water safe; disposing of that amount of grey water daily would overwhelm our soak-away and be totally unsustainable in summer when water is in shorter supply.  Additionally, wood-fired hot-tubs take up to six hours to heat, using a vast quantity of logs.  Every sort of hot-tub sadly has a large negative environmental impact and we simply cannot justify it.

Instead of lying in a hot tub, why not have a swim at the wonderful Blue-Flagged Pembrey beach, just 20 minutes away?